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Gina Scalzi is an actress, producer, writer and filmmaker in pre-production for her short film CLOSE DISTANCE FOCUS.

I interviewed Gina about her process, her progress in the entertainment industry, and advice she has for filmmakers, writers and producers.

ireland's WOW Anthology 2015 review of little-girl dreams

WOW's 2015 anthology has been released. Little-Girl Dreams was chosen as a runner-up and included in the Anthology. Below is a copy of the judge's (Danielle McLaughlin) feedback on why she chose LGD:


UK Film Review: All Things Hidden

Insightful new review of our 1st short by UK Film Review's Chris Olson

"Atmospheric and emotional, All Things Hidden is a short film to be reckoned with. Powerful performances and a deeply engrossing story drip from the screen with superb professionalism."

Read more: All Things Hidden review...

Reviews of MYTHFEST - 1 act play based on classical women in myth


Mythfest was part of the 2014 Seattle Fringe Festival and we were recently invited to remount production again at Pocket Theater. This is what one reviewer had to say about Mythfest and Seph's piece Letter From Helen:

"These three short plays offer sharp, witty, subversive and ultimately tragic riffs on the treatment of women in the stories and myths and antiquity, providing alternative perspectives on some of the major events in Greek lit. Cleverly framed as a series of magical invocations, each vignette casts its own unique spell,
sometimes perplexing but always full of pathos, giving life, breadth and agency to women sidelined by the Greeks into supporting roles… Especially memorable is an extended monologue by Helen of Troy that places the blame for the Trojan War squarely, and righteously, on the shoulders of greedy and rapacious men. The other two vignettes—a foolhardy and final act of defiance by an Amazon warrior and a fast, funny exploration on the problems of prescience—are compelling sketches, but neither is as wrenching as Helen’s plea on behalf of all objects of desire in a world ruled by men. The production is simple and spare, but a sharp script and strong, focused performances manage to summon up the immense scope and epic-scale brutality of the ancient world."
-James S.



Read it here: Mythfest - a one-act theatre festival dedicated to women of classical mythology

Three short plays written by Persephone Vandegrift, Machelle Allman and Carolynne Wilcox based on women in classical mythology. 

Think you know Hippolyta? Clytemnestra? Helen of Troy? Guess again....

Review: ALL THINGS HIDDEN - short film

Cinema On The Rocks film reviewer
Ziggy Berkeley! 

Review: THE LAST LIGHT - short film


Ziggy Berkeley of Cinema On The Rocks:




In 2009, Persephone Vandegrift wrote and produced REVENGE AND SORROW IN THEBES - her full length adaptation of THE BACCHAE OF EURIPIDES. 

Review by Seattle Weekly:

REVENGE AND SORROW IN THEBES was voted one of the top 6 most memorable theatre events in Seattle for 2009!


Interview with Kyna Morgan's HER FILM: Screenwriter/EP Persephone Vandegrift & ALL THINGS HIDDEN

Interview with WILDSound: Persephone Vandegrift & DEATH OF A MORTAL WOMAN and writing about women in ancient history


DEATH OF A MORTAL WOMAN won Spring 2013's First Scene contest. Persephone talks about the story behind the screenplay and the challenge of bringing back to life an epic story of courage, love, death, and vindication. 


ALL THINGS HIDDEN soundtrack by Catherine Grealish


A taste of Catherine's beautiful soundtrack for ALL THINGS HIDDEN - 5 star reviews! 


Here is Catherine's finale cue Metamorphoses for All Things Hidden in its entirety!!!

Recommendations: Writing, Script Consulting


"I recently worked with Persephone Vandegrift on my script for my short film “SHIFT PARADIGM”. It was my first script that I had ever written.

I was very impressed with her guidance and instruction. She taught me how to perceive my story in a way that expresses feelings and thoughts without using words. The thing that stood out to me is she never gave me ideas just examples of how to build the story and my script. She also helped me to draw more descriptive ways to show the characters back-story and build layers to the climax of the story.

Persephone made my writing experience a true pleasure. My film was officially selected to be screened at Holly Shorts Film Festival and the screening in my home town was sold out! I couldn’t have created such an emotionally gripping film without her help." 

Greg Marks - actor, writer, executive producer


“When my business partners and I were looking for a talented writer to help us draft a screenplay, we went through countless portfolios. But as I read Persephone Vandegrift’s extensive work, I could sense the passion with which every word had been chosen. Coming from someone with his own background in writing, this instantly made Persephone’s work stand out from the crowd.

As time progressed, I had time to directly collaborate with her on many issues relating to our plot structure. Persephone’s enthusiasm to tackle a new subject was immediately recognized by our production team. Having a self-professed history enthusiast join our ranks further reassured us that we had made the right decision. She holds herself to a very high standard, not only meeting our expectations, but frequently exceeding them. Persephone’s recent fundraising for her own film, “All Things Hidden,” serves to reaffirm her professionalism and drive to be an integral part of the entire filmmaking process.

I know that she will accomplish great things in the near future, and I shall look on with anticipation as her career develops.”

Adam Bednar, Junior Partner & Assistant Producer, 5th Kompanie Productions, LLC


“Persephone writes moving, truthful and engaging scripts that translate extremely well to screen. Her scripts are well-written and authentic and balance engaging, often painful, drama with astute character observation. I am looking forward to seeing more of her work.”

Vanessa Bailey, Actress, Simon & How Associates


Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time

“As a producer and director working with Persephone is more than ideal. She is a writer in every sense of the word. I can give her an idea or concept and the product she can turnaround in minimal time is amazing. The future holds great things for this woman. You can bet I will be saying, "I knew her when..."

Ben Andrews, Independent Producer/Director


"Persephone has a gift with words. She is one of those great writers that comes along and will continue to write many more brilliant works. She has a way of grabbing you from the beginning right into the story and has the talent to keep you engaged all the way to the end. I have been lucky enough to have been able to read her fantastic work. She truly is a great storyteller. "

Cathy Beasley, writer/director of "The Scapegoat" - KitCatFilms