Persephone Vandegrift

Award winning writer for film, TV, stage, and literary outlets


THE WATER KING - writer - Dram/Rom/Com/Supernatural

A small Hebridean island could hold the key to a young woman's career and romantic transformation after she is forced with the difficult task of taking her estranged mother's ashes from the US to Scotland.

Screenplay by Persephone Vandegrift 

Semi-Finalist - TMFF (The Monthly Film Festival) Glasgow Scotland

Semi-Finalist - 2017 Bucharest ShortCut Cinema

Semi-Finalist - Comedy - 2017 Sacramento Film Festival 



TOP 100: 2015 Emerging Screenwriters contest

SEMIFINALIST: 2015 Nashville Film & Screenwriting Festival 

QUARTERFINALIST: 2015 PAGE International Screenplay Contest


DEATH OF A MORTAL WOMAN - writer/producer -  Hist/Bio/Drama

Based on a true story, set in ancient Rome. After her husband's suspicious death, a grieving widow risks her life to campaign for justice and secure a legacy for her children against a ruthless emperor who will stop at nothing to make sure she fails.

Screenplay by Persephone Vandegrift, 

Semi-Finalist - Drama - 2017 Sacramento Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Back In The Box 2016 screenwriting contest


RUNNER-UP:  Write Movies 2016 inaugural UK Screenwriting Competition

WINNER: Capital Fund Screenplay Contest 2015 - Historical/Bio category

SEMIFINALIST - PAGE International Screenplay Contest 2015 & 2013

FINALIST - 1st Scene Competition WILDSound Festival Spring 2013

FINALIST: Historical/Bio 2012 Hollywood Screenplay Contest

For more info about the project Death of a Mortal Woman FB page


THE SECRET OF BANRION WOOD - writer/producer (family/adv/fantasy)

A grumpy teenager, forced to spend the weekend at her Grandmother's looking after her little sister, stumbles into a mysterious world where she winds up mistaken for a long lost princess and must help the local inhabitants defeat an evil sorceress in order to get back home. 

FINALIST: Oaxaca Global Script Challenge
FINALIST: Best Genre script - The MonkeyBread Tree film awards

FINALIST  - 2017 Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Contest Family/Animation

THE FURIES - co-writer/associate producer -  Mythological Thriller/fantasy

The three immortal sisters of vengeance, charged with keeping the balance of justice in the world, are forced to do battle with an ancient enemy in order to save the world from diabolical destruction. 

To be directed by Dave Thompson - Thompson/Coons Productions

Screenplays in development:

FALLEN - Four friends face the ultimate test of friendship and survival as tragedy strikes during a camping trip.  To be directed by Dashiel Pare-Meyer.

BOUDICCA - Tired of Rome's oppression of her people, a young Briton woman risks her life to unite the tribes of early Britain in order to win her country back.

THE CURSE OF MERCY WOOD - (Supernatural/horror/teen) - After a young girl's arrival to her new home triggers the spirit of a centuries-old unsolved crime victim, she is unwittingly transported back in time and must find a way to set the restless spirit to rest or lose her soul forever.   

KRISTINA AND THE GRAIL (family/adv/fantasy) - After running away from home, a young girl is forced on a difficult and fantastic adventure in order to search for the Grail that she believes will save her Grandmother's life.

THE END OF JUNE (drama)  - logline coming


AGRIPPINA (based on award winning screenplay Death Of A Mortal Woman) Miniseries detailing the last years of Agrippina's life from her husband's death to her final days in exile on the island of Pandataria. 

ESTHER'S DEN - WW2 mini-series. Pilot written. To be directed by Shannon Van Metre
*Finalist - Hollywood Screenplay Contest - 2013 Drama (TV)
Winner - Platinum Award - International Independent Film Awards 2017

WOMEN OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION - Treatment - historical documentary series

HEART - Medical/Thriller/Supernatural series - Synopsis written

FORTY YEAR OLD VERSION - Dram-Com series dedicated to what it means for a group of friends/acquaintances to turn forty. Outline written.

A NOVEL OF ME - dram/com/fantasy series. A woman returns to her childhood home and town to write the novel of her life. While writing about her past she discovers she has the ability to change particular events - often with disastrous consequences. Meanwhile, old flames, enemies, friends find their way back into her life causing new flames, new enemies, and surprising new friendships. Outline written. 



Short Scripts

Short scripts available from 7-30 pages. Genres: children's adv/fantasy, drama, rom/com, and dark comedy.  

Recommendations: Writing, Script Consulting


"I recently worked with Persephone Vandegrift on my script for my short film “SHIFT PARADIGM”. It was my first script that I had ever written.

I was very impressed with her guidance and instruction. She taught me how to perceive my story in a way that expresses feelings and thoughts without using words. The thing that stood out to me is she never gave me ideas just examples of how to build the story and my script. She also helped me to draw more descriptive ways to show the characters back-story and build layers to the climax of the story.

Persephone made my writing experience a true pleasure. My film was officially selected to be screened at Holly Shorts Film Festival and the screening in my home town was sold out! I couldn’t have created such an emotionally gripping film without her help." 

Greg Marks - actor, writer, executive producer


“When my business partners and I were looking for a talented writer to help us draft a screenplay, we went through countless portfolios. But as I read Persephone Vandegrift’s extensive work, I could sense the passion with which every word had been chosen. Coming from someone with his own background in writing, this instantly made Persephone’s work stand out from the crowd.

As time progressed, I had time to directly collaborate with her on many issues relating to our plot structure. Persephone’s enthusiasm to tackle a new subject was immediately recognized by our production team. Having a self-professed history enthusiast join our ranks further reassured us that we had made the right decision. She holds herself to a very high standard, not only meeting our expectations, but frequently exceeding them. Persephone’s recent fundraising for her own film, “All Things Hidden,” serves to reaffirm her professionalism and drive to be an integral part of the entire filmmaking process.

I know that she will accomplish great things in the near future, and I shall look on with anticipation as her career develops.”

Adam Bednar, Junior Partner & Assistant Producer, 5th Kompanie Productions, LLC


“Persephone writes moving, truthful and engaging scripts that translate extremely well to screen. Her scripts are well-written and authentic and balance engaging, often painful, drama with astute character observation. I am looking forward to seeing more of her work.”

Vanessa Bailey, Actress, Simon & How Associates


Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time

“As a producer and director working with Persephone is more than ideal. She is a writer in every sense of the word. I can give her an idea or concept and the product she can turnaround in minimal time is amazing. The future holds great things for this woman. You can bet I will be saying, "I knew her when..."

Ben Andrews, Independent Producer/Director


"Persephone has a gift with words. She is one of those great writers that comes along and will continue to write many more brilliant works. She has a way of grabbing you from the beginning right into the story and has the talent to keep you engaged all the way to the end. I have been lucky enough to have been able to read her fantastic work. She truly is a great storyteller. "

Cathy Beasley, writer/director of "The Scapegoat" - KitCatFilms